Arnold advises on colorectal cancer screenings

According to the Center for Disease Control, 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year, WVUA reported recently. 

Scott Arnold, MD, associate professor and chair for the College of Community Health Sciences Department of Internal Medicine, told WVUA that while patients should routinely be screened for the disease starting at age 50, he has seen patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer as early as age 30. Those who have an immediate family history of colorectal cancer should take extra precautions, he says. 

Blum says to keep focus on dangers of tobacco when discussing e-cigarettes

As several U.S. senators propose a bill banning marketing electronic cigarettes to children based on standards set by the Federal Trade Commission, Alan Blum, MD, professor of Family Medicine and the Gerald Leon Wallace Endowed Chair for the College of Community Health Sciences, says the focus of these efforts should be kept on the dangers of tobacco, according to a recent WVUA report.

Yerby discusses options as healthcare deadline passes, WVUA reports

The Affordable Care Act deadline for open enrollment has passed, but those who did not signed up may still have some options, says Lea Yerby, PhD, assistant professor for the College of Community Health Sciences’s Department of Community and Rural Medicine, in a recent WVUA report

“You could be on your own private plan through a private insurance company,” Yerby said in the report.  “Also you would still be eligible if you had a major life change.”

Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program is open all year, Yerby says.

Yerby added that late fees may apply, but there are some exceptions.

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