College obstetrician relives life experiences through book

Dan Avery, MD, tells unforgettable stories about practicing medicine in Alabama in his book, Tales of a Country Obstetrician.

Avery is associate professor and chair of the College’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and division chief of pathology in the Department of Surgery. The College is also a regional campus of the University of Alabama School of Medicine, headquartered in Birmingham.

In his book, Avery tells a number of short stories about the challenges, adventures and funny moments that have defined his life as an Alabama physician. Beginning with his first interest in becoming a doctor, to his work as a funeral director and eventually to his experiences as a physician, Avery recounts the unusual, unbelievable and hilarious moments in his career with no regrets.

Dan Avery, MD

“Writing this book has allowed me to enjoy my patients for the rest of my life, even after I retire,” Avery says.  Without them, Avery says he would not have these stories and he would not have a career.

Commemorating the release of the book, the College’s Health Sciences Library hosted a book discussion with Avery as part of the library’s Art of Medicine Rounds.

In addition to his appointments with the College, Avery is also the chief of staff and president of the joint medical staffs at DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa and has maintained a rural practice in Winfield, Ala. Avery says that his greatest contribution to medicine has been practicing in rural Alabama.