Institute for Rural Health Research

Established in 2001, the College’s Institute for Rural Health Research works to improve the health of citizens in rural communities, which struggle to retain health care services and that have populations that are older, sicker and poorer than those in urban areas. By focusing on issues that impact people who live in rural areas, the Institute produces research and scholarship that is useful to communities, health care providers and policymakers as they work to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health care for rural citizens.

The Institute hosts a Rural Health Conference each year that brings together health care professionals, researchers, community leaders, government officials, policymakers and others to share knowledge about and propose solutions to the health issues that impact rural Alabama.

Additional Focus Areas:

  • Telemedicine: Increasing access to health care for rural communities through this rapidly developing application of clinical medicine that uses interactive audiovisual media for consulting and conducting remote medical examinations and procedures.
  • EMS: Providing education, training and access to equipment and updated technology to emergency medical service workers and volunteers in West Alabama counties.
  • Research support: Assisting College faculty and researchers with grant applications, research methods and design, statistical analysis, data collection and management, research poster production and manuscript development.