Purpose of funding

The purpose of this fund is to support international travel that facilitates the medical training of students at the University of Alabama School of Medicine – Tuscaloosa Regional Campus (UA College of Community Health Sciences). This fund was established in 2011 by the CCHS Board of Visitors, through the Lister Hill Society Fund, seeded at $25,000. Funds from this account are primarily intended for medical students at CCHS. However, fund requests from CCHS faculty members and Family Medicine residents will also be considered, if the faculty member’s/resident’s travel would directly benefit a CCHS medical student.

Timing of applications

The availability of this funding will be advertised annually in September, as well as during UAB’s Global Health week (varies from fall to spring annually). A description of the required application materials will be provided with the announcement. Applications will be reviewed in mid to late October. Awardees will be notified in late October/early November.

Size of award(s)

Total spending from this fund will be capped at $4,000 a year. Requests for funding of $2,000 or less are most likely to be funded. Awards are made as a reimbursement of actual costs accrued, after receipts are provided. The total amount of funding provided to an applicant (from all funding sources) cannot exceed their actual costs, as documented by receipts.

This fund is not interest earning, and there are currently no additional inputs available. Thus, the following criteria will be used in order to be good stewards of the existing funds:

  • Priority and larger travel awards (e.g., $1,000-$2,000) will be given to students whose professional goals align closely with the CCHS mission of primary care and for travel/training opportunities most closely related to the CCHS mission of primary care.
  • Smaller awards (e.g., $300-$500) will be given to applicants whose professional goals and travel/training objectives align less well with the CCHS mission of primary care.
  • Smaller awards may also be given out as “matching funds” when students secure other sources of travel funding.
  • Priority will be given to fourth-year students/applicants who have not previously received money from this fund.

Process for applying for travel funds

Prior to the fall application deadline, send all of the following (that are relevant to your proposed travel) to the chair of the CCHS Scholarship Committee:

  • Description of the proposed travel and its purpose
  • Dates and a schedule for the travel (rough or proposed)
  • Proposed budget for the travel (including specific details about how the costs were estimated)
  • A statement of goals for the experience
  • An outline of activities for the elective, including the types of medical work that will be done, a description of the facilities and the types of patients
  • Description of other sources of funding for the travel (possible or confirmed, if available)
  • Description of how the travel fits with the CCHS mission of primary care
  • Description of applicant’s future professional goals and how they fit with the CCHS mission of primary care
  • A letter of agreement from the proposed preceptor
  • CV of the proposed preceptor (not required if preceptor is a CCHS faculty member or well-known to CCHS)

The current chair of CCHS Scholarship Committee (through August 2019) is: Dr. Caroline Boxmeyer (

Application Due Date: September 30, 2016

Process for awarding funds

The CCHS Scholarship Committee will review applications in mid-late October each year and the distribution of funds will be awarded based on a majority vote. Total spending from the fund will be capped at $4,000 a year. Preferential consideration will be given to applicants whose intended travel and/or future professional goals most closely align with the CCHS mission of primary care.

Expectations of award recipients

International travel supported by this fund must be in compliance with UA and UAB international travel policy. Award recipients will be asked to provide a “product” highlighting the outcome of their travel/training experience (e.g., a paper, presentation, or curriculum for future students to use/learn from).

Travel Approval

All international travel must be approved by The University of Alabama. CCHS medical students who plan to travel internationally should fill out this form and submit it to Kim Dailey at before their travel occurs. Please contact Brett Jaillet with any questions.

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