No Flu Zone Campaign receives prestigious University Service Award

November 27, 2013

Members of the College’s Flu Blast Team were recognized publicly at the State of the University Address on Nov. 13.

At a recent “State of the University” address, Judy Bonner, PhD, president of The University of Alabama, presented the College of Community Health Sciences with the Sam S. May Commitment to Service Award for its leadership of The University of Alabama 2012 No Flu Zone Campaign. 

Bonner stated, “Members of the No Flu Zone Campaign made the vaccine easier and more convenient to get by locating teams across campus. Seven-thousand vaccines were given, which contributed greatly to stopping an outbreak of flu on our campus. Thank you for all that you do to keep our campus healthy.”

According to Bonner, the Sam S. May Commitment Award recognizes individuals and groups on campus who provide exceptional service to the UA community and “is named for a remarkable staff member in the Department of Chemistry who tutored generations of students.”

From 1911-1941, May served as a custodian in the chemistry department and learned chemistry from instructors during his lunch hour. He later tutored students and helped in research projects. May was presented an award for his service to students and faculty, and he is listed in The University of Alabama’s Pictorial History.

Members of the College’s Flu Blast Team were recognized publicly at the meeting at Bryant Conference Center on November 13. The College’s team members include: Elizabeth Cockrum, MD, professor of pediatrics; Lisa Kidd, University Medical Center administrative secretary; Denise Morrison, purchasing coordinator; Paige Sims, accounting secretary; David Brown, Student Health Center nursing supervisor; Bret Summerlin, clinical investigations research coordinator; Amelia de los Reyes, coordinator of telemedicine; and Nancy Battle, Student Health Center nurse.

Other members of the 2012 Flu Blast Team who were also recognized include: Marsha Adams, PhD, and Haley Strickland from the Capstone College of Nursing; Rebecca Kelly, PhD, director of UA’s Office of Health Promotion and Wellness; and John Kasberg of UA Financial Affairs.

The No Flu Zone Campaign was held in September and October of 2012 with a goal of vaccinating as many University faculty, staff and students as possible.

“Our goal is to knock on doors and to make this as easy and convenient as possible,” Cockrum said at the start of the campaign last year.

Nurses traveled from building to building, eventually visiting nearly every building on campus. They set up tents on the University’s Quadrangle and in faculty and staff parking lots and flu shots were offered before and after work hours. Additionally, nurses from the Student Health Center were available at the Ferguson Center and visited the University’s dormitories to provide flu shots to students.

Dean of the College, Richard Streiffer, MD, congratulated the College on the award stating, “Congratulations for this well-served recognition and thanks to the CCHS team for bringing this honor to our College!”