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Looking for recordings and materials from our PCMH conference? These are generally available, but due to certain restrictions we can not publicly post them. However, if there was a session you attended and would like the video/audio and powerpoint, please email Andrew Richardson and we will send it to you as soon as possible.


Blueprint for Health (Vermont)

Institute for Family and Patient Centered Care

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Papers and Media Articles:

Growth in Blue Cross’ Patient-Centered Medical Home Program Shows Statewide Transformation of Care

Value-Based Purchasing Policy (AAFP)

Drive-Thru Health Care: How McDonald’s Inspired An Urgent Care Gold Rush

Ten steps to a patient-centered medical home

What the Reduction in Tonsillectomies Teaches Us About Medicine

Where Is The Value In Health Care?

What ‘Patient-Centered’ Should Mean: Confessions Of An Extremist

Trends in Health Care Delivery – 2014

Adding Health Education Specialists in your practice


Atul Gawande articles from The New Yorker:

  1. The Hot Spotters
  2. The Cost Conundrum
  3. Cowboys and Pit Crews
  4. Big Med

Academic Articles:

The 10 Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care

Strategies for Achieving Whole-Practice Engagement and Buy-in to the Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Patient-Centered Medical Home – A Systematic Review

What ‘Patient-Centered’ Should Mean: Confessions Of An Extremist

The Teamlet Model of Primary Care

A “How To” Guide to Creating a Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Triple Aim: Care, Health, And Cost

Practice Facilitation to Improve Diabetes Care in Primary Care: A Report From the EPIC Randomized Clinical Trial


Let the patient revolution begin


The Familiar Physician: Saving Your Doctor In the Era of Obamacare

Radio and Recordings:

‘Medical Home’ Provides Patient-Centered Approach To Care

David Kendrick on Oklahoma’s Beacon Program


The Doctor Can’t See You Now


Paul Grundy