The College of Community Health Sciences awards grants of up to $2,500 to fund research projects by faculty. Priority is given to new faculty and those not previously funded under this mechanism.

To apply for such a grant, please provide the following information:

  1. Cover letter to John C. Higginbotham, PhD, MPH, Associate Dean for Research and Health Policy
  2. A summary of the project
    1. If the project involves human subjects:
      1. Usually, the information required for The University’s IRB approval is sufficient. However, if your IRB packet is lengthy, please also provide a summary description of the project, as outlined in section b.
      2. UA IRB approval
      3. Appropriate HIPAA online training compliance for research with medical patients at University Medical Center  and HIPAA Acknowledgement
    2. If the project does not involve human subjects:
      1. Title of the project
      2. Principal investigator
      3. Procedures
        1. Purpose and design
        2. Site where research will take place
        3. All procedures to be used
    3. If the project involves the use of University Medical Center facilities, patients, or personnel, please include the Request to Conduct Research form. If the project includes the use of other CCHS departments, please include a letter of support from the department chair.
  3. Proposed budget

Contact information:
John C. Higginbotham, PhD, MPH
Associate Dean for Research & Health Policy
Box 870326 (B117 UMC)