DEVELOPMENT: Guidelines for Research with CCHS

Institute for Rural Health Research faculty can help you develop your research questions and methods. Please be aware that everyone on the research team must complete their CITI and HIPPA training and IRB approval must be obtained prior to data collection.


Research projects conducted at University Medical Center (UMC) and The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences (CCHS) must be approved by the CCHS associate dean for Research and Health Policy prior to their initiation. The purpose of approval is to ensure that research conducted at UMC and CCHS follows confidentiality codes, does not disrupt the flow of day-to-day activities at UMC and CCHS, and that the College’s department chairs are informed of research being conducted in their areas. Approval is also required for research involving human subjects, research using UMC’s Department of Medical Records, Lab and X-ray and clinical trials, as well as case studies and case series.

For questions, please contact: Martha R. Crowther, PhD, MPH, associate dean for Research and Health Policy for CCHS, or Tiffaney Davis.

Please submit the following in paper (Institute for Rural Health Research, Box 870326) or email:

The University of Alabama IRB will not accept IRB proposals for research to be conducted at UMC and CCHS without the Request to Conduct Research form and all applicable attachments. This document confirms that the researcher has coordinated efforts with UMC and CCHS faculty and staff and that a CCHS faculty member is part of the research project. Also, by completing the Request to Conduct Research form prior to completing the IRB proposal, feedback can be provided about possible issues with the research and research design and proposal.

After your research project has received IRB approval, a copy of the stamped cover page of you IRB proposal is required prior to beginning the project.