T.R. Reid, author, documentary film maker, Washington Post reporter and commentator on NPR’s Morning Edition, visited the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa community.

Reid sat down with WVUA and Dr. Richard Streiffer, dean of the College, to talk about healthcare in Alabama and the United States. Watch the full WVUA News Special here:

Or watch the special in installments. In the first, Reid and Streiffer discussed how Alabama health care ranks in the U.S., and how the U.S. ranks among countries like it around the world.

Watch the second installment: The topic was health care costs and why the U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, yet yields poorer outcomes.

Watch the third installment: Reid and Streiffer talked about how employers are investing in prevention efforts, as they are often the ones who cover costs for health insurance.