UMC hosts NPHC event addressing hospital re-admissions

Nurses and social workers from all around Tuscaloosa learned about different approaches to reducing hospital re-admissions when University Medical Center, which is operated by The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, hosted a daylong seminar sponsored by Nutritional/Parental Home Care, Inc. (NPHC) in

The seminar, which was titled “Frequent Flying: Reducing Hospital Re-admissions,” covered different aspects of the issue—from the healthcare perspective presented by speakers such as Robert Sheppard, MD, director of hospitalist services for the College, and Albert White, MD, medical director of hospital epidemiology for DCH Health System, to the financial point of view, with presenter John Kramer, director of finance for DCH Health System. 

Any local nurse or social worker in the area was invited to the seminar. Those in attendance included employees of UMC, Whately Health Services, Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center, DHC Regional Medical Center, NPHC, Tuscaloosa County Health Department and MedNet West. 

Rebekah Lollar, RD, marketing associate for NPHC, said that with the variety of speakers, those who attended were able to learn both the causes and the effects of hospital re-admission.

“Participants now better understand what Medicare qualifies as ‘re-admission’ and how it directly affects area hospitals,” she said. “They can now address issues that affect whether or not a patient will go back to the hospital.”

Raytonya Hughes, LPN, quality improvement specialist for the College and coordinator of the event for UMC, says that NPHC often calls on UMC to assist with mutual patients.

“[NPHC in Tuscaloosa was] in need of a facility to house their conference, and our nurses were in need of a convenient and relevant source of continuing education credits,” she said. 

A raffle was also held, and door prizes were given at the end of the day. Proceeds from the event benefitted The DCH Foundation. Lollar said about $2,200 was raised.