We are dedicated to improving and promoting the health of individuals and communities in Alabama and the region through leadership in medical education and primary care; the provision of high quality, accessible health care services; and scholarship.

On Rounds:
The Journey to Better Health

The 2017 issue highlights how CCHS is creating opportunities for access in rural communities.

On Rounds Cover

Big Tobacco in the Big Apple:

How New York City Became the Heart of the Tobacco Industry…and Anti-Smoking Activism

Tuscaloosa Longitudinal
Community Curriculum

TLC² lets third-year medical students experience an innovative medical educational model called a longitudinal integrated clerkship.

Life is busy—really busy. Have you noticed how time flies, how we can’t seem to get around to things anymore?

     It’s true at work, as well. In health care and in medical education, the demands feel particularly brutal to many—unending patients with complex social or mental health issues and inadequate resources and time to help; a deluge of regulatory and compliance issues; students and residents with their learning, and often their interpersonal, needs; more and more to master and to click in the electronic medical record systems we now use; and the continual explosion of knowledge to absorb.

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