Nathan Culmer, PhD

Nathan Culmer, PhD — Director of Educational Technology and Faculty Development

Dr. Nathan Culmer is assistant professor in the College of Community Health Sciences. He is also director of Academic Technologies and Faculty Development and oversees Continuing Medical Education for the College. His research focuses on virtual delivery of health care, education related to health care, as well as issues related to health-care faculty development and wellness. In his role overseeing telehealth and academic technology initiatives for the College, Culmer is involved in researching and implementing telehealth as a means of delivering care and health education, including innovative projects that seek to improve care, enhance health-care education, expand access and provide opportunities for research. His particular research interest is benefitting low-income and rural populations through novel uses of technology and education. Culmer has been funded and published on research related to telemedicine, mental health, health care of underserved populations, health-care education and wellbeing. He organized and now co-directs the Technology, Education and Research Medicine (TERM) lab at the College – a team of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students designed to develop future researchers by testing innovative clinical and education research ideas and involving learners at every stage of the research. Culmer is an active member of the Society for the Teachers of Family Medicine and the Society for Education and Research in Connected Health. He received his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, his master’s degree in Human Communication Studies from California State University-Fullerton, and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at the University of Iowa.

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