Raghu Ganugula, PhD

Raghu Ganugula, PhD — Assistant Professor

I am an innovative and creative thinker with a broad background in translational medicine. I have over 12 years professional experience in multidisciplinary research with over 20 peer-reviewed research publications and five patents pending. My overall expertise includes in vitro and in vivo pharmacology testing of novel bioactives and dosage forms. I have developed various biochemical and cell-based functional assays. I have used various in vivo models to further test the efficacy of the bioactives or their dosage forms, e.g., obesity, diabetes, retinopathy, nephropathy, cataract, cancer. I graduated with a PhD in Biotechnology from Acharya Nagarjuna University (India) in 2011 and had four years postdoctoral research experience (NIN, Hyderabad, India) prior joining Majeti-lab in 2014. I was postdoctoral fellow during Dec 2014- June 2017, Assistant Research Scientist during June 2017-August 2020, and Assistant Professor Research, September 01, 2020-January 13, 2021 at TAMU. I am Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, since January 14, 2021-

2021 Early Career Award-Translational & Clinical Pharmacology Division of ASPET (https://www.aspet.org/aspet/meetings-awards/aspet-awards/aspet-scientific-achievement-awards/aspet-award-winners/2021-award-winners)