Tina Whatley Adams

Tina Whatley Adams — Accounting Specialist

Tina Whatley Adams is the accounting specialist for Rural Programs with the College of Community Health Sciences, a position she has held since 2001. She is responsible for maintaining and providing continuous fiscal monitoring of programs in the College’s Rural Health Leaders Pipeline, which includes the Rural Health Scholars Program, Rural Minority Health Scholars Program, Tuscaloosa Rural Premedical Internship Program, Rural Medical Scholars Program, and the Rural Community Health Scholars graduate program. Adams also serves as the Human Resources Officer for CCHS Rural Programs. In addition, she coordinates disbursement of scholarship funds to students in the Rural Health Leaders Pipeline programs and serves on the CCHS Scholarship Committee. A native of Tuscaloosa, Adams graduated from Holt High School and will graduate in fall 2022 with a degree in Leadership Studies from The University of Alabama.

(205) 348-1389  tcwhatley@ua.edu