Accolades: April 2019

April 1, 2019

Dr. Jane Weida, interim chair of the College’s Department of Family, Internal, and Rural Medicine, authored the chapter “Measles (Rubeola),” published in the 2019 edition of Conn’s Current Therapy, a family medicine textbook. Weida, a family medicine physician, also cares for patients at University Medical Center, which the College operates.

The College’s sports medicine fellows, Drs. Aloiya Earl and Mike Bradburn, will present at two upcoming national conferences, the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine. Earl will present “A unique case of recurrent stress fractures in a pediatric multi-sport athlete,” and Bradburn will present “Isolated popliteus rupture in a 7th grade running back.” The sports medicine fellowship is a year-long program for family medicine physicians that offers education and training in sports medicine care. During the year, fellows work with local high school athletes and University of Alabama athletic team physicians, coaches, trainers and athletes.

Four residents of The University of Alabama Family Medicine Residency were named chief residents for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year. Drs. Lorab Ahmad, Meghan Bonds, Ben Lee and Anthony Johnson will officially start in the chief resident role on July 1. Drs. Russell Guin, Elizabeth Junkin and Tiffani Thomas are currently serving as chief residents. The three-year residency is operated by the College