Accolades April 2020

May 6, 2020

Dr. Pamela Payne-Foster, professor of community medicine and population health at the College of Community Health Sciences, was a panelist for the BTAN Alabama Virtual Town Hall on May 13. The 90-minute virtual presentation discussed the Black AIDS Institute report, “We The People,” released February 7, 2020. The report addresses the richness, potential and expertise of black people and the mitigation of social and structural factors that worsen health outcomes in black communities. Payne-Foster was selected as a panelist because of her research in HIV-related stigma in rural U.S. African-American communities.

In addition, Payne-Foster presented at Science for Seminaries Curriculum virtual meeting on May 1. The April 29 to May 1 meeting provided a series of breakout sessions, panels and discussions that focused on different pedagogies, sciences and examples of science-faith dialogue. Payne-Foster presented May 1 on public health and also took questions from the meeting’s participants.

Dr. Nancy Rubin, professor of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at the College of Community Health Sciences, received the Distinguished Contributions by an Adjunct Faculty Award from the Psychology Department at The University of Alabama. Rubin is also a practicing psychologist at University Medical Center, which CCHS operates. The award is presented to an adjunct faculty member who has contributed substantially to the department. Rubin has taught Practicum in Psychology III (Family Practicum) every fall and spring for many years and has been the only faculty member to teach the course.