CCHS medical students help UA employees with health screenings

July 31, 2023

Dr. Tiffany Watson

Third and fourth-year medical students at the College of Community Health Sciences partnered with The University of Alabama Wellness and Work-Life July 19 to give UA employees a WellBAMA Health Screening that provided insights and guidance to support achieving healthier lifestyles.

“We travel all over campus to different locations making it convenient for employees to participate,” said Carolyn MacVicar, manager of Wellness and Work-Life. “This is our third year partnering with the medical students highlighting their work and knowledge to give to employees as they learn more about being healthier. As health coaches, they take blood work and blood pressure and sit down with the employees to give them advice on how to make changes in their lifestyle in order to be healthier and to also uncover any unknown, potential chronic illnesses they might have.”

MacVicar also said that partnering with the students helps promote University Medical Center, which is operated by the College, to introduce the employees to a possible place for primary health care.

“I think this is a great opportunity as a health coach,” said Lauren Huguley, a third-year medical student. “It’s cool seeing the UA community come together and watch as the campus supports their employees. This also gives us the opportunity to interact with the community as well.”