CCHS Video Instructions

We’re working to create engaging video content, BUT due to COVID-19 we need you to shoot the videos! Don’t worry, we’ll handle adding your name, trimming the bad parts, and of course making you really, really good looking.

  1. Come up with a video idea.
  2. Shoot the video with your cell phone; if you get something wrong, just keep recording!
  3. Shoot a few takes, we need some extra material to make editing possible!
  4. Install the iPhone or Android Box app, and log in with your MyBama username/password.
  5. Upload your video to Box.
  6. Share the video with Greg Randall –
  7. We handle the rest!

When you start shooting:

  • Make sure there are no patients or PHI in the video you shoot!
  • Stay focused on your topic, if you mess up, no worries, just start over.
  • If you specialize in what you’re talking about, be sure to mention it. We want the community to know you are an expert!
  • Mention sources of information you use during the video — CDC, WHO, The Lancet, etc. Send us a link to the source and we’ll add it to video’s description.

Start every video by hitting record, wait a few seconds so you’re in frame, and then introduce yourself. If you worked at UMC you might say something like this:

“Hi, my name is [First & Last Name] and I am a [Job Title] at University Medical Center. Today, I would like to talk to you about [Topic].”

Watch our short video of video tips, or just read this short list:

  • Keep your phone horizontal
  • Minimize background noises
  • Have good light
  • Don’t shoot outside, there’s too much noise and the light is too variable.
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Don’t wear anything too crazy (or orange)
  • Have a non-distracting background