College’s Transitional Care Clinic reducing re-hospitalizations

May 2, 2017

Dr. Tamer Elsayed, assistant professor of Family Medicine for the College of Community Health Sciences and assistant director of its Family Medicine Residency provided an overview of the College’s Transitional Care Clinic at University Medical Center during a lecture April 24 as part of the Mini Medical School lecture series hosted by then College and UA’s OLLI program. The lecture was titled “Transitional Care Management Clinic: Discoveries made with Inter-Professional Collaboration.” The clinic, located in University Medical Center, which is operated by the College, opened in November 2015 and is designed to assist patients with the transition from the inpatient hospital care setting to home or a community (assisted living) setting. “The problem is that many patients have multiple chronic problems who require extra care and have been readmitted multiple times to the hospital,” said Elsayed. “We decided that we wanted to have the extra care to these patients as soon as possible, as soon as they get out of the hospital, and see what kind of services they need.” At the clinic there is a large team of 8 different positions and a lot of resources available including nursing, pharmacology, social services, a dietician and family medicine. Each service does what they can to help the patient. For example, during the visit, a PharmD takes a look at the patient’s medications, notes changes and calls the pharmacy to make sure the patient has the correct medications. “At the end of the visit, the patient receives a printed list of the medications they need for clarity,” said Elsayed.