Event highlights College’s research and scholarly activity

November 30, 2017

Research and scholarly efforts of CCHS faculty, staff, residents, medical students and graduate students were highlighted during the College’s 9th Annual Research and Scholarly Activity Day. Thirty-nine poster presentations were displayed at the Nov. 9 event, held at the Northeast Medical Building. Judges were: Dr. Alan Blum, professor of Family Medicine at CCHS; Dr. Cassandra Ford, associate professor of Nursing at UA’s Capstone College of Nursing; Dr. Michele Montgomery, assistant professor of Nursing at UA’s Capstone College of Nursing; and Dr. Raheem Paxton, associate professor of Community Medicine and Population Health at CCHS.   Winners were named in three categories:

Student Division

First Place – Paul Strickland, William Riley, Jared Willis, Dr. Dan Avery, Glenn Davis, ET-P, Travis Parker, EMT-P, and Jared Halstrom, for Developing a Comprehensive Obstetrics Training Program for Alabama Emergency Medical Service Providers. Second Place – Hillary Dorman, Amy Albright, Kaleb Murry, Deanna Dragan, Dr. Jermaine Mitchell, Dr. Pamela Payne-Foster, Dr. JoAnn Oliver, Chris Spencer, and Dr. Rebecca Allen, for The Holt Potted Plant Project: Older Adult Wellness & Community Engagement. Third Place – Caroline Whittington, and Dr. Patricia Parmelee, for Effects of Activity Levels on Emotional Well-Being in Osteoarthritis: Global vs. Momentary Effects.  

Resident Division

First Place – Dr. Paul Manhas, Dr. Richard Giovane, Paul Strickland, Dr. Jennifer Clem, Dr. Catherine Skinner, and Dr. Drake Lavender, for Basics of Clinical Medicine Lecture Series: A Novel Student-/Resident-directed Learning Initiative. Second Place (tie) – Dr. Brittany McArthur, Dr. Dakota Acton Jones, Dr. Jackie Luker, Dr. Anne Halli, Dr. Clifton Scott, and Dr. Sam Lee, for Identifying Barriers Associated with the Discussion and Completion of Advanced Directives. Second Place (tie) – Dr. Lisa Tsugios, Dr. Alan Blum, and Dr. Louanne Friend for Pet Therapy. Third Place – Dr. Blake DeWitt, Dr. Catherine Skinner, and Dr. Louanne Friend, for The Effects of an Advanced Life Support Obstetrical Interprofessional Class on Participant Interprofessional Socialization and Readiness to Function in Interprofessional Teams.  

Faculty Division

First Place – Dr. Martha Crowther, Dr. Cassandra Ford, Dr. Latrice Vinson, Dr. Chao-Hui Huang, Dr. Ernest Wayde, and Susan Guin, MSN, CRNP, for Recruitment of Mid-life and Older Adults for Mental Health and Physiological Measures. Second Place – Dr. Abbey Gregg, and Shreya Roy, for Exploring the Impact of Medicaid Expansion for Former Foster Youth: Associations between Health Insurance and Adult Outcomes. Third Place (tie) – Dr. Mercedes Morales-Aleman for Sexual Healthcare Access among Adolescent Latinas in Alabama. Third Place (tie) – Dr. Drake Lavender for Melanosis Coli: A Case Report.   Of the posters, 14 were presented in the Student Division, 12 in the Resident Division and 13 in the Faculty Division.