Grants awarded for The University of Alabama-Pickens County Partnership Health Projects 2018-2019

Alabama Literacy Project: Supporting Early Literacy Development and Instruction

Continue support for early literacy and language development in Pickens County, including professional development for teachers, family literacy programs and vision and hearing screenings for young children.
Partners: UA College of Education, Pickens County Head Start

Improvising School Readiness, Teach & Family Well-Being: Sustaining Power Path Universal Intervention in Pickens County Head Start Preschool and Telemedicine

PATHS program in Head Start programs, added in “coping power” to the PATHS program for children and families, adding on teacher groups and tele-medicine
Partners: UA College of Community Health Sciences, UA College of Arts and Sciences, Pickens County Action Committee, Community Development Corporation Inc.

Increasing Mental Health Providers in Pickens County through Partnership with Pickens County Primary Care

Provides mental health screening, consultation and intervention services at Pickens County Primary Care.
Partners: UA College of Human and Environmental Sciences, Pickens County Primary Care

Managing Frequent Attenders in Medical Care to Improve Patient Well-Being and Reduce Provider Burden: Part 1 — Assessing the Scope of the Problem

Understand the degree and nature of unnecessary medical care in ambulatory medical practices and hospital settings in Pickens County.
Partners: UA College of Arts and Sciences, Pickens County Medical Center

Race, Place, and Lifestyle: a Multigenerational Needs Assessment for Obesity Prevention

Strength training and cancer prevention in various areas of the county through diversified partners.
Partners: UA College of Community Health Sciences, Pickens County Family Resource Center

School of Social Work-Pickens County Schools Partnership to Provide Behavioral Health Services to Students in the Context of a Positive School Climate

Increase access to behavioral health services for students.
Partners: UA School of Social Work, UA College of Human and Environmental Sciences, Pickens County Schools

Supporting Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Pickens County Medical Center

Aid in the sustained development of an evidence-based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program to address the needs of Pickens County patients with cardiac or pulmonary issues.
Partners: UA College of Education, Pickens County Medical Center Cardiopulmonary

Targeted Marketing for Pickens County Medical Center

Developing marketing materials targeting Medicare and BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama patients by advertising preventive care available at Pickens County Medical Center.
Partners: UA Culverhouse College of Business, Pickens County Medical Center

Transportation Needs Assessment for Pickens County

Focusing on transportation as a root problem for many health issues, this needs assessment will quantify the problem and suggest possible solutions.
Partners: Alabama Transportation Institute, US College of Engineering, Pickens County Family Resource Center

Utilizing Aliceville Public Library as a Community Change Agent: Implementation of Two Health Promotion Programs

Assessing risk factors for cardiovascular disease and conducting health screenings. Expanded to include a walking competition with the community members, using online modules to look at behaviors and look at health risks.
Partners: UA Capstone College of Nursing,  Aliceville Public Library

Women Wellness Workshops for Breast Cancer Awareness

Church-based, nurse-led educational sessions about breast cancer awareness and early detection among rural, African-American women and training for  community health workers and undergraduate pre-nursing/nursing students to lead sessions.
Partners: UA Capstone College of Nursing, Pickens County Medical Center