Repealing without replacing Affordable Care Act will hurt rural hospitals, dean says in news report

January 13, 2017

As the Senate takes steps to fast track getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, Dr. Richard Streiffer, dean of The Univeristy of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, says repealing the ACA without replacing it will hurt many rural hospitals struggling to stay open, according to a Fox 6 WBRC report. Even a small change in coverage could even force some of these rural hospitals to close, Streiffer said in the report. “I don’t believe that anyone, Republican or Democrat, is opposed to trying to improve it, but the rhetoric of ‘let’s get rid of it’ without knowing where we’re going to go and how we’re going to improve it is concerning,” Streiffer said in the report. Streiffer says the United States should learn from the rest of the world and focus on regular check-ups and the prevention of illnesses in a WVUA report. Streiffer says that when people have a primary care physician that they see yearly, chronic illnesses are less expensive to control and potential illnesses are caught and dealt with early, which means patients stay healthier, according to WVUA. View both reports here: