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Program Overview

The Rural Health Scholars Program, conducted by the  College of Community Health Sciences, allows 25 rising high school seniors from rural Alabama to live on the University of Alabama campus during a five-week summer program. Chosen based on academic achievement and interest in rural health care, these outstanding high school juniors from rural areas take two courses for college credit (English and chemistry), participate in lectures related to rural health careers and take field trips to rural health care facilities and a medical school.

Statistics show that rural students are more likely to live and practice in rural areas. The concept of the Rural Health Leaders Pipeline was developed as part of a strategy to recruit rural students into medical school. The Rural Health Scholars Program was founded to encourage high school students to consider careers in medicine and health professions and experience college first-hand.

  • Academics
    Participants will enroll in special sections of two University of Alabama academic courses: Creative Writing (EN 200) and Introductory to Chemistry with laboratory (CH 104). Students will take these two courses at no risk, and if he/she earns an A, B, or C, he/she will receive college credit. If not, he/she will not be penalized. Any grade lower than a C will not be recorded on the student’s academic record.
  • Cost
    Tuition, room, meal ticket and books expenses are provided by financial support from the Alabama Family Practice Rural Health Board. Participants will be responsible for the application fee, transportation to and from the program and personal expenses.
  • Dates
    May 26 – June 28, 2019
  • Housing
    Participants will live in a University residence hall and eat in University dining halls. Males and females will be housed separately in a residence hall with gender specific counselors assigned to each group. For the student’s safety and security, a sign-in/sign-out system will be used. Curfew and quiet hours for study time are established and enforced.
  • Leisure/Social Opportunities
    Daily recreation opportunities are available, as well as regularly scheduled group social activities. All group activities and social events are required. Students will be allowed to use the student recreation center and other recreational facilities around campus.


  • What is the Rural Health Scholars Program?
    A five-week summer program for rising high school seniors from rural Alabama, the Rural Health Scholars Program gives students a chance to experience college life. Scholars live on campus, take two colleges for credit (CH 104-Introduction to Chemistry and EN 200-Creative Writing), a seminars and field trips, and receive an orientation about health careers.
  • Where do participants stay?
    Participants will reside in campus housing. Males and females will reside in gender specific suites.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    Tuition, housing, meal tickets, and books will be provided at no cost to the participants. The only cost to those selected will be a $50 application fee and spending money.
  • Can I go home on the weekend?
    Participants are not required to stay over the weekend but can if they wish. However, anytime you leave campus you must let a counselor know your destination. There will be a sign in/out boards located in a central location for this purpose.
  • Who are the counselors?
    Counselors are former participants of the program and currently enrolled students at The University of Alabama. Counselors are there to help conduct tutorial sessions, plan activities, be a mentor and provide guidance.
  • How long will I be in class each day?
    Participants are in class each morning from 8 am until 12 pm. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will be in Chemistry lab from 2 pm until 5 pm. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons you will be attending seminars and/or field trips.
  • What can we do for fun?
    Participants can use the recreational facilities on campus which includes a state of the art weight room, in- door swimming pool, a lazy river with slide and basketball court. Also, the counselor will plan activities.In one recent summer, students participated in a talent show, competed in a scavenger hunt, had an ice cream social, and held game and movie nights.
  • How do I apply?
    Visit the application page and follow the listed instructions. Supplemental documents including letters of recommendation, your transcript, copies of standardized test scores, and a signed consent form will be needed.


If you have further questions, please contact Cynthia Moore at or 205-348-3116.