Rural Health Conference poster winners

May 5, 2022


1st Place (UAB Heersink School of Medicine Student with CCHS Faculty)

The Talk with Teens: Increasing Medical Student Knowledge and Comfortability with Addressing Sexual Health with Adolescent Patients

Renita Daniels, Dr. Mercedes Morales-Aleman, Samantha Hill

2nd Place

Stroke in West Alabama

Ben Minor, Dr. William E Crawford, Travis Parker, Glenn Davis

3rd Place (UAB Heersink School of Medicine Student)

Baptism of Medicine? How to Respect a Patient Leaving Against Medical Advice

Anna Bailey Gregory, Jeremy Chu, Mariko Nakano, Rocksheng Zhong

Only Other Entry

HIV (FAITHH) to Include Updated HIV Primary Prevention Tools

Ifeoluwa Oyerinde, Dr. Pamela Payne-Foster, Emily Chestnut


1st Place

Assessment of Hospital Readmission Rates Amongst Transitional Care

Management Eligible Patients at University Medical Center

Dr. Ellen Lorenzen, Dr. Jordan Pharris, Dr. Josh Price, Dr. Tameka Hairston

2nd Place

Improving Initiation of Injectable Medication Therapy for Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Among Family Practice Residents

Dr. Hannah Zahedi, Dr. Crystal Skinner, Dr. Michael Zoueter, Dr. Jared Ellis

3rd Place

Osteopathic Manipulation: A Survey of Interests and Attitudes in an Allopathic

Residency Program

Dr. Thomas Lindsey


1st Place (Li is with the Alabama Transportation Institute)

An Integrated Spatio-temporal Analysis of Emergency Medical Service Response

Characteristics for Stroke Events Across Alabama

Xiaobing Li, Dr. Abbey Gregg

2nd Place (TIE)

Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship Program – 30-year Review: Are We

Achieving Our Goals?

Dr. Catherine Lavender, Chase Britt, D. Dan Avery

2nd Place (TIE)

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the MS Delta

Dr. Lisle Hites, Victor Sutton, Lamees El-Sadek