Weidas Honored for Work to Advance Family Medicine

November 5, 2020

Drs. Jane and Tom Weida, faculty at the College of Community Health Sciences and practicing physicians at University Medical Center, were honored by the American Academy of Family Physicians for advancing the values of family medicine through their leadership, service and philanthropy.

Announced at the recent AAFP Foundation Annual Recognition Ceremony, the Philanthropist of the Year is awarded to individuals who volunteer or serve in a leadership role, are philanthropic in their own community and who encourage philanthropy in others.

“Drs. Jane and Tom Weida truly reflect the spirit of philanthropy as they generously give of themselves in time, talent ant treasure,” said Dr. Julie Anderson, president of the AAFP Foundation. “They have been AAFP Foundation donors and cheerleaders for more than 30 years, and members of our Founder’s Club for 14 years.”

In addition to her faculty and clinical roles, Jane Weida is interim chair of the College’s Department of Family, Internal, and Rural Medicine, associate director of The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency, and clinical director of UMC’s Family Medicine Clinic. CCHS operates UMC and the UA Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency.

She has been a member of AAFP Foundation signature programs, including Family Medicine Cares USA and Family Medicine Cares International. In 2013, when Family Medicine Cares International was launched, Weida was one of the first to volunteer her time to be part of the Medical Education Team. She has served on the AAFP Foundation Board of Trustees for many years, including a term as president and most recently has taken over the Family Medicine Cares International Chair position.

Tom Weida, who is also associate dean for Clinical Affairs for the College and Chief Medical Officer at UMC, has served the AAFP in the role of Speaker for several years and on various committees and commissions.

“The Weidas are rooted in giving back to their community in many ways, including their valuable time. Their impact is more than financial and is about the global picture,” Anderson said. “Their consistent support of the Foundation encourages colleagues and residents to join them and we’re so grateful for their continued efforts to magnify the good work of the Foundation.”

The Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Its mission is to advance the values of family medicine through humanitarian, educational, and scientific philanthropy dedicated to improving health.