Academic Afternoon Conferences

Every Tuesday afternoon is dedicated to academics, and is attended by residents, medical students, and physicians. Our Tuesday educational conferences are led by College faculty, guest speakers who are considered specialists in their field, and residents. The afternoon starts with a provided lunch before the didactic conference for that day.


The Winternitz Conference is a monthly conference aimed at exposing medical students, residents and physicians to material and topics not typically covered in the medical curriculum. The Dean of the College of Community Health Sciences selects presenters for this conference, often faculty members at The University of Alabama. Topics vary and may include subjects like ethics, communication, professionalism, alternative medicine and quality improvement, as well as other timely, scholarly, or interesting topics of general interest.

The conference is named in honor of William W. Winternitz, MD, who passed away in October 2015 at the age of 95.

Winternitz joined the College in 1977, serving as professor and chair of the Department of Internal Medicine and director of Medical Student Affairs. He remained active in the College after his retirement.

While he was a faculty member at the College, Winternitz created a lecture series called “First Friday,” which exposed attendees to other disciplines at UA, including music, art and literature. The spirit of First Friday lives on in the Winternitz Conference series, and the series continues to address the art, as well as the science, of medicine.

Winternitz was a valuable addition to the teaching efforts of CCHS. His strengths as a classical clinician and teacher who taught by example was recognized by faculty, residents and medical students as representing the best in academic medicine. Under his direction, the Department of Internal Medicine was acknowledged for its strong and dedicated cadre of teachers.

The Winternitz Conference is held at 12:15 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the College of Community Health Sciences.


The Academic Conference is dedicated to presenting the work of our faculty at the College of Community Health Sciences. Topics may include faculty teaching methods, community outreach, curriculum development, original research, scholarly writing or other academic projects.

The speaker selection is on a monthly rotation through the academic departments of the College.

The Academic Conference is held at 12:15 pm on the second Tuesday of the month at CCHS.


The Scholarship Conference is designed to present programs that inform faculty, fellows, residents and medical students with examples of scholarly activity and an introduction to the research resources and services that are available through the College of Community Health Sciences and The UA infrastructure. These resources and services empower our researchers to further scientific knowledge, achieve discoveries in human health and support the responsible conduct of research.

This conference seeks to provide a forum for presenting scholarly activity and research in such a manner that associated knowledge, skills, and collaborations are improved and the number and quality of such activities by faculty, residents and students is increased.

Presentation and speaker selections are determined by the Institute for Rural Health Research at CCHS.

The Scholarship Conference is held at 12:15 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month at CCHS.