CCHS 12th Annual Research & Scholarly Activity Day

CCHS hosts an annual peer-reviewed research and scholarly activity day to showcase medical student, resident physician and faculty research.

Mission: Develop and implement a research strategy that promotes CCHS as a leading hub for scholarly training in patient-centered medical research and population health. CCHS will provide the infrastructure, leadership, training and resources to promote integrated scholarly activity, enhance research productivity and increase external funding of research programs throughout the College and University.

Research Vision: CCHS will become a leading hub for transformative, innovative and collaborative physical and behavioral health care through knowledge and scientific discoveries.

The Important Role of Black Physicians in HIV Knowledge and Care in Getting to Zero in HIV Infections, Deaths and Stigma

  • Pamela Payne-Foster MD, MPH
  • Madeline Sutton, MD, MPH

Evaluation of Code Sepsis

  • Vanessa Hamby, MD
  • Joshua Hamby, MD
  • Mary Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure: A University Medical Center Quality Improvement Project

  • Nick Ruth, MD
  • Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN
  • Tamer Elsayed, MD

Resident Wellness Curriculum

  • E. Keeton, MD
  • L. Friend, PhD

Evaluating and Enhancing Communication with Exclusively Spanish-Speaking (ESS) Patients at DCH Regional Women’s Center

  • Ellen Cleland, MD
  • Melissa Smith, MD
  • Morgan Benefield, MD
  • Jenna Stanford MS4
  • Catherine Skinner, MD

Marchiafava-Bignami Disease: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • Stephanie D. Kinsley, DO
  • Richard A. Giovane, MD
  • Sandra Daly, MD
  • David R. Shulman, MD

Determining the True Scope of Firearms Injuries in Alabama

  • Gregg Bell PhD
  • Hui Wang MS
  • Qinglin Hu PhD
  • Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN
  • Glenn Davis
  • Travis Parker
  • Tom English, PhD
  • Peter Scharf, EdD

Let’s Talk about Sex: An Investigation of Primary Care Provider Assessment of Adolescent and Young Adult Sexual Health History

  • Carmen Collins, MD, MPH
  • Tameka Hairston, MD​
  • L. Joy Bradley, PhD
  • J. Gregg Bell, PhD
  • Hui Wang, MS

Teaching Physical Activity Counseling in a Family Medicine Clerkship: A CERA Survey

  • Catherine Skinner, MD
  • Cecil Robinson, PhD
  • Earl Salser, MD
  • Jeremy Johnson, MD
  • Maria Oquendo, MD
  • Becky Reamey, PhD

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational violence, poverty, and trauma: Whole-family, two-generation programming at UTEC

  • Caroline L. Boxmeyer, PhD

Mental Health Disorders Among Women Undergoing Mastectomy and Breast Cancer Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

  • Maryam Jafari Bidgoli, PhD

Trust and Influence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Lisle Hites, PhD
  • Hui Wang, MS
  • Victor Sutton, PhD, MPPA

A New Frontier in Functional Neurology: Identifying the Zebra

  • Catherine Ikard, MD
  • Nancy Rubin, PsyD
  • Catanya Stager, MA
  • Julia Loup, BA

Cardiac Outcomes After COVID-19 in Collegiate Athletes

  • J. Russell Guin, MD
  • James B. Robinson, MD

Influence of Spirituality, HIV stigma and Education on HIV Knowledge in Rural African American Congregants in the Deep South: Additional Findings from Project FAITHH

  • Shameka L. Cody, PhD, AGNP-C
  • Raheem J. Paxton, PhD
  • Hannah Woodard, Medical student

High-Risk Infant Clinic for Newborns in West Alabama

  • Shawn Cecil, MD
  • Holly Horan, PhD
  • Emily Locke, BA
  • Marlie Wells
  • Jen Nickelson, PhD, RD, MCHES
  • Maria Hernandez Reif, PhD,
  • Holly Horan, PhD
  • Amy Lee, DNP, ARNP, WHNP-BC

Improving HPV Vaccination Rates at UMC: A Quality Improvement Project

  • Fiona Hu, MD
  • T. Miller Sisson, BA
  • Dr. Brian Gannon, MD

Correlation Between Body Mass Index and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Efficacy

  • Morgan L. Benefield, MD
  • Nathan E. Boles, DO
  • E. Ray Stewart, MD

Documentation of ASCVD Risk Scores in a Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project

  • Amritpal Sidhu, MD
  • Rameet Dhaliwal, MD
  • Rayyan Bhuyian, MD ​
  • Louanne Friend , PhD, MN, RN

The Effects of A Resident Mentorship Program on Family Medicine Resident Burnout and Wellness

  • Nicole Roberts, MD, MPH
  • Vanessa Hamby, MD
  • Alexander Fischer, MSEd
  • Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN

COVID-19 misinformation and knowledge of risk factors: are there sociodemographic differences?

  • Raheem Paxton, PhD
  • Lisle Hites, PhD
  • Victor Sutton, PhD, MPPA
  • Hui Wang, MS

A Novel, Multi-Disciplinary Approach To Improve Alabama’s Maternal, Infant, and Child Health Outcomes

  • Guillermo Godoy, MD
  • John McDonald, MD
  • Emily Locke, BA
  • Marlie Wells
  • Jen Nickelson, PhD, RD, MCHES
  • Maria Hernandez Reif, PhD
  • Holly Horan, PhD
  • Amy Lee, DNP, ARNP, WHNP-BC

UMC: Reducing Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia​ Year Two

  • Louanne Friend, PhD, MN, RN
  • Gregg Bell, PhD
  • Suzanne Henson, RD, MS

Exploring The Interface Between JUUL Addiction and Digital Media

  • Sabrina Jung
  • Alan Blum, MD

Cannabidiol (CBD): What Consumers and Health Professionals Need To Know

  • Christopher Froehlich
  • Alan Blum, MD

Myths and Realities of Medical Marijuana

  • Christopher Froehlich
  • Alan Blum, MD

The Impact of Socioeconomic and Geographic Factors on Patient Use of Online Medical Records in the U.S

  • Qinglin Hu, PhD
  • Lea G. Yerby, PhD
  • Abbey Gregg, PhD, MPH
  • Gregg Bell, PhD

Catatonia in a 10-year old boy with early childhood neglect and disruptive behaviors in psychiatric residential treatment

  • Marissa A. Giggie, MD, MPAff

Demystifying Rural Southern U.S. Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Interruption

  • Kristen A. Yukness, MSA, MSCJ
  • Mercedes Morales-Aleman, PhD

Orthopaedic Residency Adaptations to Medical Education for Prospective Applicants During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Virtual Approach

  • Brandon Crowley
  • Nikhi P. Singh
  • Caitlin Curtis Crocker
  • Matthew Hess, MD
  • Soroush Rais-Bahrami
  • Michael Johnson

The Utility of Serum Biomarkers in Detecting Antepartum and Postpartum Infection: A Systematic Review

  • Ayamo Oben, MD
  • Brittany Johnson, MS3
  • Rachel Sinkey, MD

A Medical Home for Children in Foster Care Reduces Expenditures

  • Mallory Marshall
  • Brian Gannon, MD
  • Lea G. Yerby, PhD
  • Abbey Gregg, PhD, MPH
  • Hui Wang, MS
  • Courtney Hanson, MBA
  • Jason Parton, PhD

Spontaneous Bilateral Ectopic Pregnancy with Subsequent Right Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • April Frater, MD
  • Kristine Graettinger, MD

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Type 2 Diabetes Management in an Outpatient Family Medicine Clinic: A Mixed Methods Study

  • Andrea N. Haynes, MD​