DEVELOPMENT!!! Medical Students Scholarly Activity

Scholarly Activity at The University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASOM) in Tuscaloosa regional campus is a mentored, longitudinal program extending across all four academic years. Successful completion of the scholarly activity (SA) is required for graduation.

UASOM-Tuscaloosa supports Medical student research by:

  • Maintaining a list of research opportunities for medical students.
  • Maintaining a list of potential faculty member that want to be scholarly mentors for medical students.
  • Providing support for the students in the preparation the study design for their scholarly activity, and statistical analysis and other evaluative measures.
  • Coordinating activities that involve travel awards as well as payments for students.
  • Providing support in the coordination of the Medical Student Research Symposia and Conferences.
  • Providing Travel awards to students who will be presenting their scholarly work at regional or national meetings and conferences.
dean friend and medical student

For more information about medical student research please get in touch with Maryam Jafari Bidgoli and review the research guidelines.

Scholarly Activity Overview

  1. Medical students identify their project and mentor.
  2. Medical students formally submit their SA timeline.
  3. Medical students develop a project proposal and SA.
  4. Medical students submit a manuscript.