Scholarly Mentors for Medical Students

Mentor Areas of Research
Brittney Anderson, MD Rural Medicine/Rural Populations, Health Equity and Health Disparities, Minority Medical Education
Gregg Bell, PhD Electronic Health Records, Statistics, Probabilistically Sampled Distributions
Maryam Jafari Bidgoli, PhD Health Economics, Health Outcomes, Health Insurance, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Mental Health and Chronic Disease
Alan Blum, MD The arts in Medicine (painting, sculpture, drawing, film, novels and stories, poetry, plays), Tobacco Problems, Vaping, Digital Media Addiction, Marijuana, Disability, Dermatology, Patient-Physician Communication.
Lilanta Bradley, PhD Sexual and Reproductive Health, adolescent health, HPV, HIV and Black women, health education pedagogy, Maternal and Infant Mortality and Morbidity
John Burkhardt, PsyD Medical edu, Well-being, Mood Disorders, Psychological First Aid, Bereavement, Communication Styles, Psychotherapy in Rural Areas, Integrated bx Medicine, Integrative BH, ADHD
Cecily Collins, MD Anything Ob or Gyn related (especially on a community level), Healthcare Disparities and Reaching Minority Patients (both traditional and non-traditional interventions we can pursue)
Nathan Culmer, PhD Medical Technology, Professional Development, Rural Care, Well-being, Mental Health, Technology in Medicine, Technology in Medical Education, Telemedicine, Professional Development, Simulation, Rural Health
Pamela Payne-Foster, MD, MPH HIV Related Stigma in Rural Alabama Faith Based Settings, Bioethics, Diabetes Prevention, Lupus Prevention, and Health Disparities and Cultural Competency
Louanne Friend, PhD Hypertension, Hepatitis C
Marisa Giggie, MD, MPAff Addiction, Behavioral Medicine in Primary Care, Correctional and Justice Psychiatry
Randi Henderson-Mitchell, PhD Health Disparities, Health Care Quality, Disparities in and Outcomes of Childhood Vaccination, Access to Preventive Care in Early Childhood
Lisle Hites, PhD Chronic Disease Management / Treatment Compliance, Program Evaluation, COVID-19 Related Trust in Medical Providers and Other Information Sources, COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitancy and Clinical Trial Participation
Connie Leeper, MD Maternity Care, Culture and Medicine, Residency Education
John McDonald, MD Breastfeeding, prenatal care to underserved populations, contraception access in rural areas
Cheree Melton, MD Women’s health, Maternity Care, Contraception
Mercedes Morales-Aleman, PhD Sexual and Reproductive Health Promotion among Ethnic Minority Women and Adolescents
Raheem Paxton, PhD Aging, Cognition, Physical Activity, Diet, Cancer Prevention and Control
Cecil Robinson, PhD Medical Education (Feedback, learning, Teaching, Pedagogy, Assessment, Research methodology)
Grier Stewart, MD Undergraduate Medical Education, Nursing Home
Thomas Weida, MD Practice Management, Care Coordination
Lea Yerby, PhD Medicaid, Health Policy, Early Childhood, Autism Services for Rural Families, Rural and Underserved Health Disparities