Pickens County is a Medically Underserved Area and a Primary Care, Mental Health and Dental Health Professional Shortage Area. The county ranks 45th in health outcomes among Alabama’s 67 counties.

In 2015 approximately $600,000 was obtained from the Alabama Legislature to initiate the partnership. To date, the funding has been used to fund:

  • Eight projects that address a health issue or priority in Pickens County. Each project includes UA faculty and students and Pickens County community organizations or similar entities.
  • Four year-long fellowships for recent UA graduates. The fellowships provide an opportunity for students to serve in health-related capacities in Pickens County while expanding their experience and education.
  • A coordinator to facilitate the development of the program and to provide oversight of partnership activities. The coordinator, Wilamena Dailey, is based in Pickens County.

For a more thorough update on the project, read the 2017 Project Status Report.


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