Project Coordinator

Wilamena Dailey is the project coordinator for The University of Alabama–Pickens County Partnership.

Dailey is responsible for directing and facilitating overall development, overseeing implementation and administration for the project, serving as a liaison into the community and promoting the partnership and its projects to the people of Pickens County and the UA community.

Dailey received a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration with an emphasis on healthcare management from The University of Alabama.

Steering Committee:

  • Anissa Ball
    • Pickens County, Board of Education
  • Julia Boothe
    • Pickens County Primary Care, Physician
  • Jamie Chapman
    • Pickens County, Superintendent of Education
  • Jonathan Halbesleben
    • The University of Alabama, Culverhouse College of Commerce
  • John Higginbotham
    • The University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences
  • Buddy Kirk
    • Pickens County, Retired Attorney
  • Stuart Usdan
    • The University of Alabama, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Jim Marshall
    • Pickens County Medical Center, CEO
  • Shawn McDaniel
    • Pickens County, Teacher and Minister
  • Craig Patterson
    • Pickens County Medical Center, Board Member; Mayor of Gordo
  • Patti Presley-Fuller
    • Pickens County, Cooperative Extension Coordinator
  • Rick Streiffer
    • The University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences
  • Parthenia “Tina” Oliver
    • Whatley Health Services, Nurse Practioner
  • Yolanda Smith
    • Pickens County, Commissioners Office

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