Tuscaloosa Rural Pre-Medical Internship


  1. Can I take summer classes during the internship?
    • Summer classes can be taken during the Internship only if it is offered online, self-paced, and does not interfere with any of the required activities.

  2. What about housing?
    • The Internship will provide participants with campus housing during the Tuscaloosa Experience component of the internship. The Rural Shadowing component is conducted in the participant’s hometown.

  3. What are my financial responsibilities during the internship?
    • Participants will be responsible for food, travel and personal spending money during the internship. Lunch is provided for daily Lunch and Learn sessions and any scheduled field trips.

  4. Is there a stipend? What does it cover?
    • Yes, participants will receive a stipend of $2000 upon the completion of the internship. The stipend is to help defray the cost of food and transportation incurred during the seven weeks.

  5. What does a typical day look like?
    • Generally, participants will shadow or participate in a scheduled activity/field trip Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Some preceptor locations have a further commute, so the day may start and end before or after that time frame.

  6. What about the weekends?
    • No required program activity will be scheduled on the weekends.

  7. Do you have to have the COVID-19 vaccine to participate?
    • At this time, a COVID-19 vaccine is not required to participate. However, some experiences may be missed if a physician/facility requires the vaccine.

  8. What is the attire for the Internship?
    • Attire for all clinical shadowing is business casual. Program shirts can be worn on field trips. For all other activities, the attire is casual.

  9. Do I need a car?
    • Yes. Personal transportation is needed during the internship as participants commute to various facilities. Limited accommodations can be made for a participant who does not have personal transportation. Please contact LaKeshia Whigham at 205-348-1300 to discuss details.