Tuscaloosa Rural Pre-Medical Internship

The Internship runs for seven weeks and is comprised of two components:

  • Tuscaloosa Experience:
    • Week 1: Orientation week to include introduction to campus, Rural Programs, and other activities.
    • Weeks 2 – 4: Participants engage in clinical shadowing, daily Lunch and Learn lectures, hands on learning activities, and rural field trips.
    • Week 5: The last week of this experience, participants will work in small groups to complete and conduct an oral presentation supplemented with a poster. Additional Lunch and Learns and field trips can be scheduled during this week.

  • Rural Experience:
    • Weeks 6 – 7: Participants spend two weeks shadowing a primary care physician in or near their hometown furthering exploring the day-to-day practice of a rural physician.
The Rural Pre-medical Internship is conducted at both the Tuscaloosa Regional Campus, which is operated by The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, and the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus. For information about the Huntsville Rural Pre-medical Internship, please click here. In their roles as providers of medical student education, both regional campuses are part of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Marinex E. Heersink School of Medicine.