Welcome to the Student Health Center and Pharmacy, where our focus is student health care. All of us at the SHCP look forward to providing the same high-quality care for our students that they get at home. Our areas include medical care, an in-house pharmacy, a competent billing/insurance department, and outreach prevention health education. We provide quality care in a private, confidential, and professional manner. Check out the categories below for more information about our different areas.

High Quality Medical Care

We accept appointments for students for primary health care services or general health care needs, which also includes physicals and travel immunization consultations. Appointments are required for Women’s Health Clinic, Nutrition Services, Allergy injection, and Psychiatry. Referrals to outside consultants are provided for specialties that are not covered within our scope.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are top priority. Visit the Patient Rights and Responsibilities or visit the FAQ page for more information.


Our in-house pharmacy makes it easy to fill prescriptions from any provider. You can find out more by visiting the Pharmacy category on our FAQ page or our Pharmacy page.

Billing and Insurance

We have an entire team dedicated to serving your billing and insurance needs. Because this is such a complex topic, we encourage you to visit the Billing and Insurance category of our FAQ.

Outreach Prevention Health Education

Health Promotion and Wellness is an organization with prevention education initiatives by professional Health Educators throughout the year. This organization has award-winning peer education programming, called Project Health, which includes a mobile Health Hut, Project Health Ambassadors for presentations to groups, Health Advocates for weekly health topic tips, and GAMMA for Greek member groups. Find out more on the Health Promotion and Wellness website.