The UA Student Health Center and Pharmacy (SHCP) is ready to be your medical home away from home and can address any health care needs you have. You can schedule an appointment by accessing the SHCP patient portal on the myBama student page or calling 205-348-6262. To avoid unnecessary SHCP charges on your student account, please ensure your current health insurance card is uploaded on the portal before a SHCP visit and for vaccination and testing. The SHCP can conduct some visits by telemedicine. Check your insurance plan to see if it covers this service. If your plan doesn’t cover telemedicine visits, consider scheduling an in-person visit to avoid non-covered service charges to your student account. For questions, please call 205-348-6262.

COVID-19 SHCP Updates

Learn about COVID-19 SHCP Updates for our hours, screenings, and services.

Updated Services (Updated 2/10/2021)

The SHCP has opened web appointments for telemedicine, Primary Care, COVID Rapid Test, Dermatology, and Immunization. Students must call 205-348-2778 or 205-348-0386 to request visits for services related to women’s health, nutrition, and psychiatry. We ask that students call ahead 205-348-0386 or 205-348-2778 to schedule a visit to be seen by a provider. Services will be limited to immediate care only. Drive-up testing will no longer be available. If our web appointments are booked, you may call 205-348-2778 to speak with an appointment clerk.

Extended Hours

Extended care hours are available for students with acute medical needs. You do not need an appointment to be seen for an acute problem during our regular or extended hours. Students who are seriously ill or injured will be transferred to DCH Regional Medical Center Emergency Department, just three blocks from the Student Health Center. Once there, our hospitalists will handle your admission. You are responsible for all costs incurred outside the SHC.


Our Pharmacy is conveniently located inside the Student Health Center lobby, just steps from our clinic. Learn more by visiting the pharmacy page on our site.

Women’s Health

Women’s health provides routine annual exams, pelvic exams, breast exams,  pap smears, contraception, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy testing and counseling. These services, well and sick, are by appointment only. The Student Health Center has a full-time nurse practitioner and a full-time OB/GYN physician. To schedule an appointment, please call 205-348-2778.

Allergy Clinic

The allergy clinic administers allergy injections to students under the direction of their allergist. The Student Health Center does not administer allergy tests. Allergy injections are by appointment only after the student receives approval from a SHC provider. Allergy injection appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 to 11:15 a.m. and 1:15 to 4:15 p.m.; Wednesday 1:15 to 4:15 p.m.; and Friday 9 to 11:15 a.m. and 1:15 to 4:15 p.m. To schedule an appointment, please call 205-348-2778.

Nutrition Clinic

Registered Dietitians (RD) provide individual nutrition counseling on a wide range of nutrition concerns including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, eating disorders, weight management, wellness, sport and performance nutrition and general nutrition. All visits are billed to your student account. This service is available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 205-348-2778 or book on your Patient Portal.


The Student Health Center psychiatrists provide evaluations and assist with medications on a referral basis. Referrals are needed from the SHC, UA Counseling Center, your primary physician or a mental health professional. This service is by appointment only. Please call 205-348-8262 to schedule an appointment. If there is no answer, leave a message on the confidential voice mail system, and you will receive a call back. If your call is more urgent, please call the Student Health Center at 205-348-6262.Before your first visit, all records and SHC documents must be received to be evaluated by a psychiatrist to see if further testing is required. For your initial visit, bring your insurance plan card with you to the appointment. Because of the many insurance plans and varying coverage, we will provide billing services that will process your insurance claims. If you do not have health insurance, the University of Alabama offers several payment options. We will work with each student individually to assure access to psychiatric care. Any charges for visits will be applied directly to your student account. It is important that each student communicate his or her financial situation, if needed.

For those students who have previously been diagnosed with ADHD, ongoing medication management is available once the required documentation of previous diagnostic testing and treatment has been received. Students who have never been tested or diagnosed with ADHD can contact the SHC Behavioral Health Office for a referral for testing and diagnosis. Once that is done and the results of the testing have been received, students can receive medication management with a SHC psychiatrist. The SHC’s ADHD evaluation for current or enrolling college students is comprised of multiple activities. These activities typically include a clinical interview with the student, a brief interview with the student’s parent/guardian,review of reports from previous evaluations, review of educational records (e.g., transcripts, report cards) and completion of a variety of assessments. The actual assessment portion includes rating scales,attention performance measures, intellectual tests, and emotional screeners.


The Student Health Center has X-ray services to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your illness or injury. These services are available during normal hours of operation. The Department of Radiology is staffed with registered radiological technologists. All images are read by radiologists from The Radiology Clinic of Tuscaloosa. General radiographic studies are performed and can be filed on the student’s insurance or charged to the student’s account. The cost of an x-ray is dependent on the x-ray and the number of views taken.


The Student Health Center has laboratory services offering a variety of in-house tests that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of most illnesses, and it can also refer tests of almost any type to an outside facility. We provide testing for: strep throat, urinary tract infections, cholesterol and lipids, mononucleosis, pregnancy, STDs and vaginal infections, diabetes, routine and employment physicals, EKG, heart irregularities, H. Pylori for peptic ulcer disease, anemia, leukemia and other hematological diseases and influenza. The lab is accredited by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). Laboratory testing beyond the scope of the CCHS lab, is referred out to LabCorp for processing. Our laboratory is under the leadership of an ASCP certified Medical Technologist and is staffed by Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists.

HIV Testing (Confidential)

The Student Health Center offers confidential HIV antibody testing (anonymous is not available in Alabama).

Travel Medications

If you are studying abroad or going on an overseas mission trip we can provide you with oral medication that will help protect you from illness. We also provide four injections that you may need (Typhoid, Polio, and Hepatitis A and B). You will need to be seen at least 8 weeks before you plan to travel. In order to utilize these services, please schedule an appointment specifically for this purpose by calling 205-348-2778 or walk-in during before 3pm Monday thru Friday. Prior to this appointment please download and complete the Travel Service Planned Itinerary Form (PDF). We also recommend that you visit CDC Travelers’ Health and specifically look at Region, Outbreaks, Safe Food and Water, and Cruise Ships and Air Travel.


Student Health Center providers are available to evaluate and treat many injuries and common painful conditions related to muscles, bones and joints. If the problem is beyond our scope, we will arrange a referral to our Sports Medicine Center in the University Medical Center or to a local orthopedist.

Our providers are able to diagnose and treat common dermatological problems. For severe problems our staff can assist with a referral to a qualified dermatologist in the area.

Our providers can also assist with dental problems by offering initial assessment and referral to a qualified dentist in the area.

If you do not see a service you need, please contact our referral office at 205-348-6519. We are happy to provide a referral to a specialist in the Tuscaloosa area, and our referral nurses can often assist in getting an appointment scheduled sooner through our contact and relationship with area physicians.