Before Your Visit

Students must provide a copy of their insurance card to reception at each visit to the Student Health Center and Pharmacy (SHCP). If we do not receive the insurance card within 48 hours of the visit, charges will be applied directly to the student’s account. Once a student provides us with a copy of the insurance card, we will file with their insurer, and if a credit due, we will credit the student account. When uploading insurance cards to myBama under the SHCP section, please make sure to upload the front and back of the card.

It is the student/parents’ responsibility to check with their insurance plan to find out if the SHCP is considered a participating provider and is in or out of network. Please verify with your insurance plan about what your copay, deductible, coinsurance, or out-of-network benefits will be.

Billing Procedure

There are separate charges for services with SHCP providers, including, but not limited to, X-rays, laboratory fees, office visits, orthopedic appliances, as well as prescriptions filled at our Pharmacy. The SHCP accepts most major health insurance plans and will bill your health insurance carrier for covered charges. Any copay, deductibles, coinsurance or out-of-network charges will be applied to your student account once insurance processes the claim.

If the SHCP does not accept your insurance, we will bill your student account and provide the patient with a detailed itemization to assist in filing the claim. To meet insurance billing requirements, patients will need to submit their active insurance card within 30 days of service to the SHCP Billing Office to file with their insurer. Any claim not filed within 30 days of injury or first treatment for sickness will be billed to the student account. Bills submitted after the above time frame will not be considered for payment except in the absence of legal capacity.

In addition to SHCP charges, you might receive a bill from other facilities and providers for services, such as laboratory tests and/or X-ray interpretations ordered by SHCP physicians but processed elsewhere. You will be billed directly for these services and the balance will be your responsibility to pay. These charges will not be billed to your student account.

Please note that without a signed consent medical release form, our Business Office can talk only to students about their charges. Students can obtain a disclosure form from the SHCP. The form must be completed in person and a SHCP receptionist must sign as a witness.

Pharmacy Billing

Pharmacy charges posted to your student account are not processed by the SHCP Billing Office; they are handled by the Pharmacy. Our billing office can only answer questions related to services performed by providers at SHCP.

Billing Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your medical bill, please contact the SHCP Billing Office at 205-348-1701 or