The SHCP has opened the web appointments for telemedicine. Students must call 205-348-2778 or 205-348-0386 to request visits for services related to women’s health, nutrition, psychiatry, dermatology and allergy.

In the event of a medical emergency, you should call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room (DCH is located at 809 University Blvd).

COVID-19 SHCP Updates

Learn about COVID-19 SHCP Updates for our hours, screenings, and services.


Appointments are made by calling or using patient portal. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.


  • Clinic Services: 205-348-2778
  • Psychiatry: 205-348-8262

Missed appointments for either clinic will be subject to a no show fee charged to a student’s account if not canceled 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Appointments may be cancelled on the patient portal, via phone, or in person.

*All patients must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing to be seen same day.

*All students must present a valid ACTion card and health insurance card at each visit.

Contact Information

If you have medical questions you should call the Nursing desk at 205-348-6262 and not use email.  Email is solely for administrative questions. We do not accept Medical Records via unsecured email. You can reach our medical records at 205-348-6262 for more information regarding acceptance and delivery of medical records.


Reception: 205-348-6262
Medical Records Fax: 205-348-4722



Pharmacy: 205-348-6276
Pharmacy Fax: 205-348-9850

SHCP Physical Address

750 Peter Bryce Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

SHCP Mailing Address

Box 870360
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Bus Route

The Student Health Center is conveniently located on campus. The Blue, Green, and Bronze Crimson Ride bus routes will take you to our location. You can visit UA map and click on Student Life + Health and Well-Being Services + Student Health Center for more information.

Department Directory

  • Appointments/Call Ahead: 205-348-2778
  • Pharmacy: 205-348-6276
  • Pharmacy Fax: 205-348-9850
  • Reception: 205-348-6262
  • Business/Billing Office: 205-348-1701
  • Business Office Fax: 205-348-4121
  • University Insurance Office: 205-348-4086
  • University Insurance Fax: 205-348-9571
  • Medical Records: 205-348-4678
  • Medical Records Fax: 205-348-4722
  • Referral Office: 205-348-6519
  • Referral Fax: 205-348-9273
  • Quality Improvement: 205-348-3877
  • Psychiatry and Substance Abuse: 205-348-8262
  • Health Promotion and Wellness: 205-348-3878
  • Collegiate Recovery Community: 205-348-0943
  • Administration: 205-348-7961
  • Administration Fax: 205-348-8611
  • Emergencies: 205-348-5454